Tools for the Graphic Arts

AERPANEL also markets a range of tools to help creative minds with their various projects.

Precision knives and spare blades.

These knives cut precisely and cleanly.


Our fasteners attach to the back of all our boards, making wall-hanging quick and easy. They come in boxes of 4 or 100.

Corner guards.

To protect your AIRPLAC® boards, our corner guards are available in thicknesses of 5 or 10 mm and in bags of 8 or 100 units.

Cutting mats

Cutting mats protect your work tables. Self-healing and perfectly smooth, they can be used for cutting and all your creative work. These extremely robust mats come with one blue side and one black side.


AERPANEL markets 250 ml mini cans of repositionable or permanent mounting adhesive. 

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