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To minimise wastage and impact on the environment, Isopor recycles the polystyrene waste using its industrial recycling platform.

Isopor is committed to the circular economy by enabling its customers to send their polystyreneback for recycling after use.

Recycling partnership with customers
1 - Grinding 

The Isopor factory takes back compacted polystyrene from customers and sorts it according to its origin before re-grinding.

2 - Regranulation

The ground material is injected into the pipes and goes through an extruder. This machine melts the material and filters out the impurities. The extruded material comes out in the form of pellets. 

3 - Traceability 

Each recycled material is assigned a reference number to ensure the traceability of the recycled polystyrene. This process guarantees the characteristics of the product, as well as its quality. The traceability procedure gives the information below:

• Origin of the material • Date of recycling • Melt Flow Index of the material • Machine parameters • Big bag number

4 - Return to customer

The recycled polystyrene is now ready to be processed again as if it were a virgin material. Isopor packs pellets in big bags and sells it back to the XPS transformers. Isopor also uses this recycled polystyrene for its own production needs. 

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